Club Phoenix Facility Rider
Club Phoenix uses professional equipment for all of its events. The following information is provided for interest, and also for the information of any incoming special events.

Any additional equipment rentals will be paid for by the performer. The cost will be taken out of the agreed upon payment if Club Phoenix London has to arrange for the rental of any additional equipment.

A 120v, 3 phase, 100 amp disconnect is available back stage for any addional equipment required by the performers. Performer is to provide electrician to hook up any equipment requiring electrical tie-in(s).

Live edited 4-camera video shoot is available on site, please negotiate separately, as challenging lighting conditions exist. VHS tape, DV tape, and/or MPEG video available if prearranged with management.

Live streaming and video on demand is available, please arrange with management prior to show.

Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, this rider shall supercede all other agreements. All arrangements should be in writing, and arranged at least four weeks prior to show.

For additional information, contact:
Sal Pacifico
Technical Director
519.963.1448 tel - 519.963.1449 fax


DJ Equipment
2 Technics SL1200M3D turntables
Denon DN2600F dual CD player
Pioneer 600 mixer
Behringer Ultrafex Pro EX-3200 sound processor
DBX 166XL limiter/gate/compressor
DJ monitor
Yorkville TX4 processor and loudspeaker system
8 TX4 hi/mid speakers
4 Elite 600 monitor fillers
1 Dual 15" EV sub
10 Single 18" butterfly subs
6 18" subs

Lighting Equipment
Martin LightJockey 2.0 w/ 2532 remote & Fingers hardware wing
4 Coemar ProSpot 575 moving heads
4 Coemar iSpot 575 moving heads
4 Martin Mac250 moving heads
8 Microh MH660 moving heads
8 ACME Winner moving mirror
4 Clay Paky Silverado moving mirror
9 Geni 2000W Giga Strobes
1 100mW green laser w/ Red Line BeamScan controller
LeMaitre LSG/G300 low fog generator
LeMaitre LSG/G300 stage fog curtain
1 LeMaitre G300 for haze/fog
30' x 60' truss system with adjustable height

Video Equipment
VideoTek Prodigy 9input video mixer
4 Hitachi C1H 3ccd remote controlled cameras
1 Sony Digital8 handheld wireless remote camera
1 DVD player
Extron 100 Matrix
5 Hitachi 1200lumen LCD projectors (14' x 7' screens)
1 Electrohome ECP-2100 video projector (9' x 5' screen)
3 video computers
1 video encoder
Faroudja line doubler
Leitch SPG-120N sync pulse generator
3 4" colour preview monitors
4 4" b/w preview monitors