The Making of Club Phoenix
The former Bank of Montreal building, located at the corner of Richmond and Queen has been through many changes to become what it is today. Here is a photo history of how the old bank was transformed into a night club.

June 2001 - Before Any Work Commenced
These photos show the building with the original floors and offices, and you can also see the location of the original safety deposit vault and the glass panelling around the 2nd floor halls.
July 2001 - Initial Construction
The transition began with painting the ceiling purple near the end of June. The project was on its way - the club colours had been chosen and the raised flooring being installed.
September 2001 - Main Bar, Patio, and 2nd Floor Construction
The layout of the main bar is now underway, and work is being done on the old parking lot to add an outdoor patio. Work on the 2nd floor is also beginning.
October 2001 - Lighting Truss Installation
The lighting truss is being put together and the rigging systems for raising and lowering it are installed. During October, the kitchen was built and work on the patio continued.
October 2001 - Shooter Bar, Main Bar, 20' Screens
The shooter bar (inside the safety deposit vault) is now complete, and the projectors are installed for the five 20' wide screens. Finishing touches are added to the main bar.
December 2001 - Opening of Monopoly Bar and Restaurant
The transition is now complete, and Monopoly opens its doors for business.
August 2002 - Monopoly Restaurant becomes Club Phoenix
Before and after photos of the transition from Monopoly to Club Phoenix.