DJ Tim Patrick

(Livewire guest on August 6th 2005)

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Hands in the air or hands down, Tim Patrick is always on it. Whether you're immersed in the journey on the dance floor or fixated on his delicate mixing strategies from behind the decks, you can see and hear that Tim is one of those rare, inspirational DJs who can motivate his crowds to successive levels of excitement.

Initially schooled in Hip Hop circa 1987, Tim converted to House and Techno after a 1990 trip to the U.K. which included repeated trips to London's record shops and witnessing first hand the U.K. Acid House movement in full throttle. Tim Patrick's reputation as one of Canada's most adept DJs has its origins in Toronto's early rave scene. In 1995, after having established himself as a major player in the local DJ hierarchy through the now-infamous parties thrown by Subb, Pleasure Force, and Better Days, Tim's command of energies on the dance floor was recognized by Dose Productions. Hooked up with residency status from their premier party and beyond, it was under the Dose banner and the influence of various guest spots across North America that Tim's sound developed into the harder, funkier and percussive sound he is known for today. Whether he was warming up a room or rocking it prime-time, Tim quickly developed a far reaching fan base.

Not one to tie his sound to any one label or genre, Tim is adequately comfortable with the term 'tech-house'. His past residencies for Dose, Syrous & Industry Nightclub, as well as the legendary Friday nights for Lifeforce at Turbo, System and Element Night Clubs kept him on constant patrol of the ever-shifting borders between House and Techno. As a House / Tech-House / Techno buyer for Toronto's legendary Play De Record, and with 10 years experience in record shops dating back to the notorious Traxx Records, it's no surprise that his record collection runs almost as deep as his passion for music. Tim's sets are the ultimate pilgrimage, guiding every dance floor across deep, hard, and funky musical terrains. He always rocks the room properly, seamlessly driving out a slick signature blend with his renowned programming and tight mixing skills. His consistency earned him the title of Toronto's Number One House DJ 2001 through 2004 (Eye Magazine Poll).

In addition to a busy DJing schedule, which has taken him across Canada & the U.S., Tim is currently also engaged in music production. To date his discography includes remixes of Paranoid Jack's, "Nocturnal Affairs", and "Back To Kitsilano" on Toronto-based Stickman/Aquarius Records, as well as Tim Patrick & Paranoid Jack's three Rhythm Section releases on famed Chicago imprint Catalyst Recordings, their remixes for Dizzy's "On & On" (four01 Recordings) and the Moonshine Recordings licenced Toof "Toof EP" remix, all of which have received both critical and dance floor acclaim.

2004 was a groundbreaking year with the launch of Tim Patrick and Paranoid Jack's Fifth Sun Recordings. The first release in June 2004, Paranoid Jack's "The World Must Change" took the globe by storm with heavy support from Sasha, John Aquaviva, Eddie Amador, Low End Specialists, Saeed Younan and Timo Maas but to name a few. The second release, Jon Delerious' "New Jack Hustlin", featuring a Paranoid Jack & Tim Patrick remix, quickly followed the footsteps of the first release...reaching number 1 on the Balance DJ Pool Record Chart and maintaining support from top DJs all over the globe. Future releases include Tonepushers "Falling" with Valentino K remix and Tim Patrick's solo EP debut.