Markham Rooza

(General Manager)

Markham is the man with the exotic plan! The man who puts the flame into the entertainment fire! The man who books the talent, negotiates the performance contracts, and the man who pleases and charms all the lovely females!!

You can usually hear him hyping up the thousands of clients at Club Phoenix with his trusty MEGA-PHONE and chick magnet smile!!


(Operations Manager)

Rocco is the numbers guy!!!  He could kick all of our butts in a math contest and then school us on accounting!!  At the end of every night, Rocco can tell you all the stats on the club. He can also tell you what colour of underwear all the staff were wearing and if it clashed with their outfits!!


(Bar Manager)

Yes ladies he is dashing, handsome, and at your service.  Deano is the Bar Manager and he will work with our bartending staff to licker, oops, I mean liquor you up with your beverage of choice.  Deano is a big hockey fan too, so don't try to out-trivia him, he will whip you every night!!

Sal Pacifico

(Technical Manager)

Sal can out do McGuyver on any day.  Just give him some scrap wires and an old TV set and he will create an IMAX theater!!  Sal is one of the original creators of Monopoly/Club Phoenix and he will show you the stretch marks if wined and dined! Sal has wired the whole club to present clients with a taste of Hollywood every night!!! He is also seen often being taught how to drink out of a cup, as seen in the picture to your left -- lady teachers only!!!!



'The Bruteman' Roger Foley

(Phoenix Television Manager & Webmaster)

The Bruteman takes care of the video entertainment for Club Phoenix and does whatever it takes to dazzle the thousands of clients in the club with special effects, comedy sketches, fantasy sketches, costume design, and anything else clients want to spice up Phoenix television.  Roger will also transform into the Bruteman and bring his lovely models around the club performing everything and anything to entertain you.  He also enjoys it when the ladies grab his bum!!!

Roger also takes care of all the web stuff.  Making sure links, galleries, videos, event information, and graphics great shape!!