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New Download!! --> Trailer Park Boy J-Roc is introduced to the Trailer Trash Girls by Bruteman! Which trash will J-Roc Pick??[click to download]

New Download!! --> Trailer Park Boys Randy and Lahey party with Bruteman and his Beauties in VIP tipsy!![click to download]

New Download!! --> Burlesque Babes Gone wild in an interview with VJ Bruteman! WOW, their out fits![click to download]

Quicktime Download --> Twister Games with Hot Night Club Girls [click to download]

Quicktime Download --> Circus De Solei at the Phoenix with Host Bruteman and his Midget Brutemania! [click to download]

Quicktime Download --> Music Video 'Sugar Ray - Take Me Away' (VJ Bruteman Mix) [click to download]

Quicktime Download --> Club Telecast 'Bruteman & Puck Bunnies - Memorial Cup 2005 Victory Party' 14+

Quicktime Download --> Club Telecast 'Bruteman & Club Commandos - Water Guns' 14+

Quicktime Download --> Music Video 'Sugar Ray - I Want U' (VJ Bruteman Mix) [click to download]