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Industry Nights
Club Phoenix London is the innovater of the Industry Party. It all started as a just for staff party, the parties that followed saw friends and family join the party as well, then we excusively invited entertainment industry workers and managers to join, then it got so big we invited clients to join, and now the industry nights attract 1600 people from all over Ontario each selected Sunday of the Month!
04/03/05 - Industry Night (DJ Showcase ft. Benny Bennassi)
10/31/04 - Halloween Industry Party 10/10/04 - Industry Party (Thanksgiving Day Bash)
09/05/04 - Industry Party (Kinky Coors Angels) 08/29/04 - Industry Party (Labatts Blue Cube)
08/01/04 - Industry Party (Boat Cruise After Bash) 07/04/04 - Industry Party (Molson Rockstar Carnival)
06/13/04 - Industry Party (Coors/Maxim Golf Bash)  


New Years Celebrations
New Years Eve at Club Phoenix London has become a tradition in Ontario life. People want to bring in the New Year with the state of the art entertainment venue that boasts 5 movie screens, millions of dollars in lighting effects, Phoenix TV broacasting, the Sky bar, Live Bands, Buffets, Costume personalities, the Pad, to DJs, and so much more!!





Circus de Soleil
Fire breathers, stilt walkers, jugglers, midgets, go-go dancers, tight rope artists, and much more makes its way to CPL in March with the Circus de Soleil annual visit!!!

Sponsored by Lifestyles Condoms, Lovefest is held twice a year with thousands of Lifestyles Condoms & merchandise given away in the spirit of Love! Lovefest is held annually on Valentines weekend and in October.
02/13/04 - Lovefest '04 Valentines Day
10/01/04 - Lovefest '04 October


Homecoming Tent Party
A new tradition A Club Phoenix!! We set up a Huge tent addition to the club. Then add a live band and DJ within the tent. Clients can party in the tent or in the club. 2004 saw 3500 people attend our first annual Homecoming Tent Party!! 2005 is gonna be wild!!



The London Music Awards
03/28/04 - London Music Awards
              - Complete 2004 Ceremony
03/29/03 - London Music Awards
              - Awards Ceremony 2003
              - After Party Concert



Battle of the Bay Street Bands
02/26/03 - Battle of the Bay St. Bands 02/27/04 - Battle of the Bay St. Bands
              - Bands - 1 2 3 4 5