(Ontario's first Oxygen Bar and the first Oxygen bar in North America within a nightclub!)

The Fusion Oxygen bar is located in the Club Phoenix London Pad (Downstairs Lounge). This is the first Oxygen Bar to hit Ontario!!!

The air we breathe only contains 19-22% oxygen, The oxygen generated from our oxygen station 87-95% pure! Our oxygen stations take in oxygen from the environment, then filters it and isolates the oxygen molecules up to 95 per cent. The elevated oxygen levels are then infused with aromas to produce a natural, uplifting, energetic and refreshing feeling. (Some flavors include: Sex on the Beach,Watermelon, Yen, Serenity, Chocolate, and more!)

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Why buy Oxygen?

-increase energy and stamina
-faster muscle recovery time
-increased metabolism
-helps relieve stress
-improves mind clarity
-helps suppress head ache
-helps relieve allergy symptoms
-helps reduce nausea of hangover
-aroma therapy helps rejuvenate and relax the body

How long should an oxygen session last?

A 20 minute session is optimal but you can feel the beginning effects within the first 5 minutes

Is oxygen therapy safe?

YES! Oxygen stations have been used in Japan and other parts of the world for more than 40 years! Oxygen stations are becoming more popular in Canada and the United States due to the increasing amounts of unclean air. Each person who purchases time, receives a nosepiece. Piece is sanitary and the patron may keep it as a souvenir at the end of the session. Fusion Oxygen does not reuse nosepieces.