DJ Nathan Barato

(Livewire guest on June '06)

The best thing about being a DJ is...

You can express yourself in any environment. I love to play opening slots, because I get the chance to get a groove going with the staff. When the club staff start rocking, that's when the party really starts.

What is your personal philosophy on life?

In one word: karma. Just read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

What's your favourite house track?

I can't pick just one, but this week it would have to be "Club Lonely" by Lil Louis -- not Lil Louie!

What's your take on the house vibe in T.O.?

I think everybody would agree with me when I say, "I miss Industry!"

What's going on with your studio work?

Addy, Carlos Fuerte, Myka and I produced a track called "Native Power" that got released under the name of the MuddaSouls on Nympho Soundz. Addy and I did a track called "We Got a Party," which is just a pure bump track. I'll also be doing work with DJ Terry J for MRP Music Group.

1. Pound Boys, "Peace & Harmony (Clear People Remix)"
2. Toof, "Talkin 'Bout Beats (Addy's Comfort Zone Mix)"
3. DJ Sneak, "Same Ol' Song"
4. DJ Terry J, "Drum Network"
5. Downward Dogs, "Tek"