Maxim Club Tour Semi-finals

(Every Fall at CPL)

Club Phoenix London is proud to host the Maxim Model Search Club Tour Semi-Finals each and every year in the fall season!!! 2002,2003, and 2004's editions were so hot it had fans begging for more with the night lasting into the wee hours of the morning. The girls have to compete in there lines of fashion and answer and number of questions to stand out amoungst the rest in the minds of the judges and crowd. After a swimsuit round, lingere round, and fantacy wear round the winner is picked and moves on to the finals in Toronto a month later.

We are also proud to have Maxim 2002 winner, Maxim 2004 winner, and other Maxim runner ups working at our venue after they compete in this contest as they fall in love with Club Phoenix London wanting to be apart of our team!!!