DJ Jon Delerious

(Pad Lounge guest on April 2004)

For over a decade the movement has been growing. Day or night people collect in droves to join in the conciousness of the house sound. As a new generation of music appreciators develops, so grows Jon Delerious. His style can be described as the deep house sound, the funky house sound.

Music was always important to Jon, having learned to play drums as well as guitar at a very young age. Having been influenced early by hip hop and disco Jon later took interest in afro cuban jazz before finally settling in with house music.

Djing for over 10 years Jon Delerious continues to refine his skills as one of Canada's leading musical innovators. Starting on a set of home turntables and a mixer he picked up at radio shack, Jon has felt the world move as his own breed of house music surfaced. With his first release on Fiction records and another soon to follow on Canada's acclaimed Nordic Trax label, DJ Delerious is poised to take listeners somewhere they have never been before.

Jon's ability affords him exposure all over North America in a territory spanning New York to Toronto to Vancouver including all Canadian cities. Sharing the limelight with Jon have been such influential minds as John Acquaviva, Christian Smith, Bad Boy Bill, Evil Eddie Richards, Misstress Barbara, Nick Holder, Ritchie Hawtin, DJ Dan, Trevor Rockliffe, Johnny Fiasco, DJ Sneak, Mark Farina, Steve Loria and Lafleche. Attaining this level of success isn't an overnight accomplishment. Years ago Jon began throwing lots of small parties and established himself as a founder of the house scene in Calgary, his home town. These raves saw growth from a couple hundred souls to well over 3000 as today's electronica phenomenon continues to take hold. Additionally he has aided the growth of the Calgary club scene having held many different residencies, been guest to almost all of Calgary's underground rituals and organized to import attractions that both amaze and astound.

What does the future mean to Jon? Most certainly an opportunity to dream up unusual things to entertain and amuse. He would like to continue to record music and produce records as an outlet for his dreams. Travel holds interest for Jon and he has recently wed. He would like to learn more musical instruments to strengthen his sonic sense and lastly, to continue to share in the evolution of the vibe, wherever it may be.