DJ Jelo

(Livewire Saturday Guest May 27th)

Jelo cut his teeth electrifying the raves and nightclubs of Toronto, Canada. His powerful, diverse musical style and relentless work ethic have established Jelo as a world-class performer and producer.

Maintaining the highest standards for his deejay sets, mixed tapes and CD's, and now his own releases, Jelo refuses to compromise his musical principles. Jelo exudes the authenticity of someone truly embroiled in a rhythmical love affair with his music.

Whether flying across Canada or the United States, to England, Greece or Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Jelo has proven there is no dance floor that can resist his infectious, driving sonic assault.

Internationally renowned deejays like Donald Glaude, Carl Cox, DJ Dan, Chris Liberator and Anne Savage have all been heard banging tunes produced by Jelo. Proof positive can be found on Donald Glaude's most recent compilation released on Moonshine Records, which boasts the two Jelo tracks "Chaos Bringer" and "Effective".

Jelo is constantly in search of music, new and old. His knowledge of artists and record labels is surpassed only by his natural drive to spread the enjoyment he receives from music to others.

Always learning, always improving, the future for Jelo is guided by awesome natural intensity, astonishing musical dedication and the drive to change the world, one beat at a time…