To get on the Club Phoenix Guest List, e-mail us at For more information, please continue reading below.

How do I qualify?
There are many ways to get on the Club Phoenix Guest List. If you fit into any of the following categories, then you qualify:

Is there a cover charge?
The cover charge for people on the guest list is $5.00. This charge is waived if it is your birthday. Cover charge for all age events is $10.

What time should I arrive?
You should arrive at the club before 11PM if possible, 9:30 PM for all ages. There may be a line up, as the club often reaches capacity around 11PM. On Busy nights its best to get to the club by 10:00 to avoid delays in entry and coat check.

Where do I go when I get to the club?
Please go to the Queens Ave. doors if you are on the guestlist. It is on the north side of the building. If we are unable to get back to you to confirm, please come to the side door, and let them know that you had a reservation from the web site. The Guest list entrance on Friday is through the front door on Richmond St. Just in case its a good idea to print our email reply and bring it with you.

Is there a dress code?
In accordance with city by-laws regarding gang colours, we request that you not wear bandanas/do-rags/skull caps, jersies, or baseball caps. Please dress appropriately for a night club.