DJ Gboogie

(Thursdays & Saturday in the Pad)

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Based in London, Gboogie is the resident Dj of The Pad @ Club Phoenix on Thursdays and Saturdays. Gboogie is also one of the rare DJs to have the passion for the dance-floors that he draws his energy to cook up an eclectic, sensual and groovy sound, and he is at ease in playing the deepest sounds of house side by side with the dopest selection of tracks... with quite a hectic schedule, he nevertheless shares his time between Djing, organizing his 2 weekly Web broadcasts, radio show and producing a upcoming 12”… which is in the works...

Long before his the success as Gboogie this Toronto native came to us via New York City, where he was know as Kurious George before transforming into Gboogie. He was one of the very first to concentrate his talents to this very different music. Early enough he went to New York, discovering how and why House music was born. After living in Brooklyn New York for many years and having residencies at The Buddha Bar, The Bank and even working as a promoter for Jr. Vasquez at The Tunnel. “Gboogie has inspired lots of clubbers with his exquisite taste of House Music.”

His secret? Gboogie brings a highly international and eclectic sound, which can be best described as a fusion of San Fran house, tech-house, Sexy, Sultry vocals and tribal rhythms. His style creates a sense of happiness and a mood of inspiration along with those essential elements: beautiful vibes. His ability to gage the desires of what the audience wants is propelling him to the status of a major player within the club scene worldwide.

Gboogie has also had the chance to work alongside some of the industries best J-Dub, Dj Heather, Peter & Tyrone, Nick Holder, John Aquaviva, Chris Simmons, John Delerious, Mateo, Tyler “t-bone” Stadius, Roy Davis Jr., Angel Alanis, Honey Dijon, Hataris Danny Howells, Donald Glaude, Greg Benz, Depeche Mode, Grace Jones and other great dj’s and producers. As well as doing events with Coors, Labbatts, B&H, Slinky Tour (UK) and also having the chance to be on the bill with legendary rap group Run DMC and most recently selected as one of the top 100 2004/2005 Vinyl Warriors Dj’s from across Canada