DJ Trikz

(Kegstand Thursdays @ Club Phoenix London)











Take a Brooklyn DJ, break him in for several years in the jungle of Manhattan’s Hip Hop and House scenes, let him loose in Toronto just long enough to make him hungry, and then drop him in a smaller city and let his unique sound develop with an attitude but no ego.

Trikz may only be 22 years old, but he is a name to watch among the emerging repertory of talented DJs, not only through his presence in the established international DJ industries of New York and Toronto, but through his drive to improve or even create a scene wherever he finds himself living. Behind the decks he combines his tastes for House with the turntablist skills of a Hip Hop DJ; a testament to the musical influences of New York City on a young DJ.

At 14, Trikz was playing on his own wheels of steel by spinning Hip Hop, Reggae, and New York House at his home in Brooklyn and scratching until his fader broke. Within a year, due to a lucky break he was able to land a wedding for an important New York socialite. Immediately after, he sought
out to gain as much experience as he could get by regularly presiding over events at his alma mater, Brooklyn Technical High School, as well as Sunset Park Youth Center and the All-Stars Project Inc. out of Manhattan, both well known non-profit youth center.

In 1999, with his skills in mixing, scratching, and track selection, he quickly gained a reputation and began spinning at private parties and gigs with Soundtripps Entertainment at some of the most coveted spots a young DJ in NYC could ever hope to play: Club Exit, Club NYC, Limelight, SoundFactory, and Speed.

In June 2001 Trikz made a move to Toronto, Canada and a few e-mails and sound bytes later got himself at Karma, Plasmic Lounge, and Berlin in the 4 months before he would move to London, Ontario to attend the University of Western Ontario. The contrast was clearly apparent. With only a couple
hundred thousand residents London was significantly smaller than the New York and Toronto playgrounds Trikz was familiar with. Without missing a beat, he jumped in to create and contribute to as many gigs while staying alive at college. Up till now, he has had the opportunity to open for artists such as 112, Beenie Man, Brass Munk, Kardinal Offishal, K-OS, The Warp Brothers, and Danny Howells.

Trikz is presently living in London while working on his undergraduate degrees in Business Management and Psychology, and has a beefed up flyer collection to include venues such as Core FX, The Drink, Jim Bob Rays, The Ceeps and many university-related social events, plus alternating
residencies at 29 Park and Phoenix on Thursdays and Rum Runners Music Hall on Fridays. He can cater to tastes ranging from Old/New School Hip Hop and Reggae to Dance, Rock and Bhangra so watch out for this diverse DJ!