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Club Phoenix London
441 Richmond St
London ON N6A 6E2

General Manager/Promotions Markham Rooza, Cell: 519.709.7223
Operator Sal Pacifico, Cell: 519.871.4311
Operations Manger Rick Pearce, Club: 519.963.1448

Main Club Phone Number: 519.963.1448
Fax: 519.963.1449

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What Our Customers Say About Us

comments: I miss this place, I used to hit it up all the time before I moved to Sarnia. This place just exudes sophistication! You need more electronica in the mix though, especially for the all-agers. There's a ton of youngins who like it. Anyways to anyone who's reading this, if you've never been, make it a point to go because once you get a taste of it, it becomes so addictive! Ciao ragazzi!

Matt from the City
comments: Hi there my name is Matt and I had a chance to stop by your club while visiting from SF,USA for the the holidays and all i can say is " I love Canadain Bacon" I mean I have never seen so many sexy women in one local in long time! The music in that little swanky pad of your was unbelievable! I mean world class dj's in this little town.... I will be sure to let other people in the Bay area about this spot.

Comments: I just wanted to say thanks so much for gettin some of these people off the streets from doing bad stuff to doing something they all love.I just wanted to say thanks for being such great people..I know you've helped me and many more..So if you would not mind giving me a shout back that would be great...Thank you guyz so much!!!

Comments: I had an amazing night last Saturday while I was visiting London (and the Phoenix) my first time. Not expecting an separate ‚?oHouse‚? area playing excellent beats, as well as I did not feel as being on a kindergarden party even my college years are already over for a while. Considering all the Asian and Canadian beauties I met, I am looking forward coming back again. It seems Germany and Canada are not so far from each other as I ever thought.

Jou Jou
Comments: I underestimated the wrong city....i was there every night on the long weekend and each night was better than the last...we need a phoenix in ottawa real bad! I had an amazing 3 nights and i'll be back for more soon...ciao!

Comments: Hi! I was watching the saturday broadcast, wish I was 19 so I could have been there! But me and my friends will be at the all ages. That drummer guy was soooo hot and amazing! Can you get him there on Wed???? Pleeeeeease?!?!?! That would be soooo amazing! Thank you!!!!!!

Comments: I never wanted to go because I thought it wouldnt be fun, but now I go all the time... You guys are good at what you do! Keep it up... I'm gonna bring all my friends from out of town!

Comments: Hi, me and my girls were out tonight at the club, and just wanna say that the drummer guy Rubberdude or whatever his name is was awesome! What a cool vibe to bring to the night! Hope to see him there again soon! Thanks

Comments: I decided recently to move down to London, ON, and I was browsing nightclubs and came across this one. I really look forward to moving down to London now, because this nightclub seems awesome...

Comments: Hello, me and my friend got to be on Phoenix TV with the Bruteman! He is so hot!!!! We love the TV stuff at your club, and we love his suits too!!

Comments: I love the house music you spin on your LiveWire Saturday nights. I was wondering if you could provide a playlist on your site. That would be great! Thanks everyone, you are truly the BEST CLUB IN TOWN!!!

Comments: Phoenix will always be #1 in LONDON. Even though I'm away from LONDON for school I always make sure I come back to visit and party it up at phoenix. Phoenix during school is just as good as T-Dot sometimes even better. Luv the pics, the dancers, stages, patio, up to date dance music, interior design, keep up the GOOD work.

Sun Shine
Comments: I work near the night club and its always great to see what going on,the Phoenix club put life back into london. The night club is a big(RED)building with alot of big expectations and all I can say is that "Expect the best when going to the Phoenix night club because that is all you'll get."