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Chus & Ceballos

(Livewire guest on July 23 2005)


Chus Biography

Chus L. Esteban was born in Madrid in December of 1971, is career started when he was 16 years old at a club called Alien, one of the first clubs of Grupo Kapital in Madrid. Tropic Costa and Paladium were the following ones, before he started one of is most important residencies, at Kadoc in Vilamoura, Portugal in the year 1992, were he has played with the most famous djs.

In September of 1994 he opens the most famous club of Madrid (still is!!) as a resident, Teatro Kapital, were he still has a weekly session called “Iberican Sound? every Thursday night.

On the international level has already played in clubs from Russia (Moscow. Petersburg), Colombia (Cali y Medellin) and Israel (Tel Aviv). Soon will be playing in the UK, Eastern Europe and USA.

Has played in more then 300 top events in all Spain and Portugal, and is sets have been heard all over the place. Just to mention a few: Pacha, Privilege, Space and El Divino of Ibiza, Pacha and BCM of Palma de Mallorca, Space and Chic de Canarias, Penelope and Ku of Benidorm, Dreamers of Marbella, Queens, Sala del Cel, Republica, La Madame and Illusion of Grupo Matineé ¡nd Torres de Avila from Barcelona, The Image, Congreso and Distrito 9 of Bilbao, House Café OH! Coruñ¡ Goa The Rave, People @ Maxime, Alien club and Static Sound Party @ Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, in Portugal, Pacha Ofir, Locomia Albufeira, IT club and Enseada from Povoa de Varzim, Vaticano in Barcelos, Cais 447, Industria, Rocks & Sound Planet from Oporto, and many many more from all the Peninsula.

As a producer he started his career with David Penn (Black Vinyl rec.), were they made hits that were listened worldwide like; Kadoc “the night train? and Dj Chus “Kapital of House?, after that his career went on with productions like Nitro, Polaris, Latin Lovers, etc.

In March 2001 with Pablo Ceballos (usually produces with Chus) and Carlos Calico (head of A&R and responsible for Stereo Management and Dj Agency), started there own label Stereo Productions.

From Stereo, is productions have been licensed to labels like, Boo records, Black Vinyl, Defected, Fluential, 20:20 Vision from UK., Maya recordings, Uncle P. music, Red Melon, Bluem recordings, Doubledown and Moody recordings from USA, Magna recordings from Portugal.

As a remixer the list is as well endless (check remix list), but on top of all a remixed he as just finished for Yoshitoshi rec. (Deep Dish label), Cuba Computers.

In Spain and Portugal has mixed more then 20 compilations, specially the ones for Kadoc in Portugal (4 volumes released by Vidisco, Kaos records, Enter records and Universal) and Teatro Kapital in Spain (Arcade, Divucsa and Blanco & Negro).

His latest mix cd is a very personal work under the name Dj Chus presents Iberican Sounds, that shows 13 tracks of producers from Spain and Portugal. To be released next July on Defecetd records from UK, will be one of is biggest challenges, a double mix cd once more showing the world the talent of the Peninsula producers. Feel the drums, feel the vibe, feel the strong rhythm with Dj Chus!!!

Ceballous Biography

Hailing from Madrid, the tribal capital of the world, Pablo Ceballos has become somewhat of a household name over the past few years.

Ceballos' musical career began at the early age of 15. At this young age, the future House music maestro was drawn to the driving energy of the Techno scene.

During this time Ceballos familiarized himself with both the art of mixing and grass roots productions.

As Ceballos matured, his musical taste was simultaneously altered. Upon meeting Chus in their homeland clubbing collective, the pair hit it off with ease. Ceballos was now a devout House music fanatic and the duo began to lay the foundation for what would become the Iberican sound.

Alongside Chus and his other partner in crime, Carlos Calico, this motley crew developed one of the most significant house labels in recent memory, Stereo Productions.

The impact of this label was felt instantly within the global village. Showcasing the perfect blend of dark, bottom heavy tribal rhythms with warm, inviting soul grabbing elements, Stereo Production releases soon found a home in the boxes of all the kings of the night.

Apart from a plethora of essential dark charmers on the label, the duo of Chus & Ceballos have also lent their talents to such reputable imprints as Doubledown, Moody, Tango, Fluential, Weekend, Star 69, Yoshitoshi, Shinichi, Skyline, Plastic Fantastic and on and on!

Having already established himself as one of the world's leading House producers, Ceballos has now launched full throttle into honing his mixing skills behind the decks. The recently launched worldwide Iberican Sound Tour has, and continues to provide Ceballos with a nightly forum to showcase his rapidly developing mixing talent to an eager crowd of punters.

Never one to disappoint behind the decks or within the studio environment, Ceballos' career as a standout within the industry has only just begun.

Stay tuned for more stellar slices of magic on wax and countless hours of peak time voyages from this future inductee into the House Music Hall of fame!